Thursday, January 9, 2014

Encounter Japan Transocean Air's 'Sakura Jimbei'!

Up close and personal with Japan Transocean Air's (NU/JTA) second Jimbei Jet, Boeing 737-446 JA8992 'Sakura Jimbei', which entered service on January 5th (Japan Transocean Air introduces 'Sakura Jimbei'.). According to JTA, she is the girlfriend of the first Jimbei Jet, Boeing 737-4Q3 JA8939 'Jinta'.
A tug and baggage vehicle were also painted in the same design. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Jimbei translates to whale shark, or Rhincodon typus. In collaboration with Okinawa's renowned Churaumi Aquarium, the two aircraft will ply the Japanese skies until December 2017.
Sakura Jimbei's belly has a baby shark! (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Along with Jinta, Sakura Jimbei's next-day schedule is released on JTA's website (in Japanese only).

Source: Aviation Wire, January 5th. (in Japanese)

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