Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ANA releases B747 Osaka 'Okaeri! Jumbo' schedule.

All Nippon Airways (NH/ANA) today released the schedule of its 'Okaeri! Jumbo' flight that will take place at Osaka/Itami (ITM/RJOO) this upcoming weekend on January 12th.  
ANA's 'Final 747: Thanks Jumbo!' website image. (Image: ANA)

'Okaeri' translates to 'welcome back'. As part of ANA's 'Final 747: Thanks Jumbo!' series of events commemorating the retirement of the B747, the airline is bringing back the 565-seat jumbo jetliner to Itami for the first (and will be the last) time since March 31st, 2006, when tri-jets and quad-jets were banned from the airport to reduce noise footprint. The airline obtained a one-day quad-jet permission from the local governments for this purpose.

One of its two remaining Boeing 747-400Ds will be ferried from Tokyo/Haneda (HND/RJTT) to Itami, departing at 0610 and arriving at 0720 local time. As well as photo opportunities, ANA is planning a sightseeing flight for 400 locals chosen from applications from fans living in the nearby cities of Ikeda, Itami, Kawanishi, Takarazuka, and Toyonaka. The flight will leave Itami at 1400 and return to the same airport at 1530. After a ceremony, the B747-400D will be ferried back to Haneda, leaving Itami at 1845 and arriving back at the Tokyo airport at 1955. 

Source: All Nippon Airways (in Japanese)

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