Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Air Do launches Hiroshima and Nagoya.

On October 25th, AIRDO [HD/ADO] (d.b.a. Air Do) launched daily Hakodate [HKD/RJCH] – Nagoya/Chubu Centrair [NGO/RJGG], daily Sapporo/New Chitose [CTS/RJCC] – Hiroshima [HIJ/RJOA], and three-times-daily New Chitose – Chubu Centrair (Air Do is coming to Hiroshima and Nagoya.) utilizing 144-seat Boeing 737-700s. Hiroshima becomes the Hokkaido carrier's westernmost destination.

Boeing 737-781(WL) JA11AN takes off from Hiroshima for the inaugural service to New Chitose. All of Air Do's 737s along with two 767s have been supplied by strategic partner ANA. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Flight HD115, the inaugural service from Hiroshima to New Chitose, departed one minute ahead of schedule at 0849 JST carrying 96 passengers including two children. It was flown by 737-781(WL) JA11AN, which had been ferried from Tokyo/Haneda [HND/RJTT] the night before. Meanwhile, the first service from Hokkaido as HD118 left New Chitose at 1840 with a load of 134 passengers.

Flight Schedule:
New Chitose – Hiroshima NEW 1 daily with 737-700.
HD118 CTS 1840 – 2055 HIJ 73W Daily
HD115 HIJ 0850 – 1040 CTS 73W Daily

New Chitose – Chubu Centrair NEW 3 daily with 737-700.
HD130 CTS 0800 – 0955 NGO 73W Daily
HD132 CTS 1040 – 1235 NGO 73W Daily
HD136 CTS 1515 – 1710 NGO 73W Daily
HD133 NGO 1305 – 1445 CTS 73W Daily
HD135 NGO 1450 – 1630 CTS 73W Daily
HD137 NGO 1740 – 1920 CTS 73W Daily

Hakodate – Chubu Centrair NEW 1 daily with 737-700.
HD128 HKD 1230 – 1410 NGO 73W Daily
HD127 NGO 1035 – 1200 HKD 73W Daily

Although the three routes are new on paper, this is essentially a transfer from All Nippon Airways [NH/ANA], whose parent ANA Holdings directly controls 13.61% of Air Do and holds roughly 46% when combined with the shares owned by Development Bank of Japan (DBJ), a strong financial partner of ANA. Effective the same day, ANA axed its daily New Chitose – Hiroshima and Hakodate – Chubu Centrair routes and reduced New Chitose – Chubu Centrair from six daily to four daily, while putting its code on all of Air Do's new services and buying approximately 40% of its seats (ANA axes Oshima and transfers two routes to Air Do.).

Source: Aviation Wire, 2015 October 25th. (in Japanese)

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