Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hokkaido Air System loads Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk charter.

Hokkaido Air System [HC/NTH] announced that they will operate a charter flight between Sapporo/Okadama [OKD/RJCO] and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk [UUS/UUHS] on the Russian-controlled island of Sakhalin, or Karafuto in Japanese, later this month using its 36-seat Saab SF340B. It will be operated on behalf of the Sakhalin-Hokkaido Economy Mission, a group of local business executives and Hokkaido government officials, including Governor Harumi Takahashi, visiting Sakhalin to strengthen economic ties.

Saab SF340B-WT JA01HC rests between flights at Sapporo's Okadama Airport. It continues to fly in this unique livery, though officially it was scrapped by HAC and replaced by JAL's conventional crane logo effective July 16th to reflect the change in ownership. (Photo: Hokkaido Air System)

Mrs. Takahashi will meet Governor of Sakhalin Oleg Kojemiako to discuss how to promote economic relations and participate in the opening of Hokkaido Center, built by Japanese-Russian joint-venture Hokkaido Developers Group, or HODEG. It will house the Hokkaido branch for Sakhalin.

Flight Schedule:
Okadama – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk charter with SF340B. 
HC901 OKD 0900 – 1115 UUS SF3 *Oct/22 only charter.
HC102 UUS 1230 – 1245 OKD SF3 *Oct/22 only ferry flight.
HC103 OKD 1400 – 1615 UUS SF3 *Oct/24 only ferry flight.
HC904 UUS 1715 – 1730 OKD SF3 *Oct/24 only charter.

Hokkaido Air System, unofficially but commonly referred to as HAC, became a Japan Airlines [JL/JAL] subsidiary once again after the nation's second largest carrier increased its stake in Hokkaido's commuter airline to 51.23% effective October 23rd, 2014 (JAL raises Hokkaido Air System stake to 51%.). It was originally founded jointly by Japan Air System [JD/JAS] and the Hokkaido Government back in September 1997 to provide high-speed public transportation between the island's major cities as well as the small remote islands.
From its hub at Okadama, the smaller but more convenient airport near downtown, HAC currently operates to Hakodate [HKD/RJCH], Kushiro [KUH/RJCK], Misawa [MSJ/RJSM] (CoachFlyer HC330: MSJ - OKD on Hokkaido Air System's Saab SF340.), and Rishiri [RIS/RJER], plus a link to Okushiri [OIR/RJEO] from Hakodate, using a fleet of three SF340Bs. JAL is currently considering using HAC to resume three intra-Hokkaido routes; Hakodate – Kushiro, Hakodate – Asahikawa [AKJ/RJEC], and Okadama – Memanbetsu [MMB/RJCM] (Hokkaido Air System to resume three intra-island routes.).

Source: Hokkaido Government, 2015 October 2nd. (in Japanese)
Source: Hokkaido Air System, 2015 October 2nd. (in Japanese)

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