Sunday, October 25, 2015

Notice: Changes coming to ZipanguFlyer.

Effective October 25th, 2015, ZipanguFlyer will be changing coverage.

Boeing 787-8s of ANA and JAL at Haneda. Directly and indirectly, the two major carriers together still control, or have influence over, all domestic slots at Japan's most important airport serving the capital. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Until now, this blog has covered most, if not all of the news of airlines registered in Japan. However, due to my lack of time, I will be narrowing down coverage to mostly LCCs and non-ANA/JAL carriers. Local commuter airlines flying only specific essential air links will also be omitted.

Airlines that will continue to be covered:
AirAsia Japan [DJ], AIRDO [HD/ADO] (d.b.a. Air Do), Fuji Dream Airlines [JH/FDA], IBEX Airlines [FW/IBX], Jetstar Japan [GK/JJP], Peach Aviation [MM/APJ], Skymark Airlines [BC/SKY], Skynet Asia Airways [6J/SNJ] (d.b.a. Solaseed Air), Spring Airlines Japan [IJ/SJO], Star Flyer [7G/SFJ], Vanilla Air [JW/VNL]

Airlines that will no longer be regularly covered:
Air Japan [NQ/AJX], All Nippon Airways [NH/ANA], Amakusa Airlines [AHX], ANA Wings [EH/AKX], First Flying [DAK], Hokkaido Air System [HC/NTH], J-Air [XM/JLJ], Japan Air Commuter [3X/JAC], Japan Airlines [JL/JAL], Japan Transocean Air [NU/JTA], New Central Airservice [CUK], New Japan Aviation [NJA], Nippon Cargo Airlines [KZ/NCA], Oriental Air Bridge [OC/ORC], Ryukyu Air Commuter [RAC], Toho Air Service [THK]

Topics of ANA and JAL are already well covered by various media, while demand for news regarding local niche commuter airlines has been minimal, at least in English.

In the meantime, I will be experimenting giving the blog a personal touch. Thank you for your support and understanding. Happy travels!


  1. I always do enjoy reading about all the carriers and information that you post. Please don't stop blogging.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. The ever fast moving commercial aviation arena never bores us. However, I do all of this work in my spare time, and it has become difficult to find time to cover and update all of the airlines' news. I will continue to cover most of the mainline non-ANA/JAL carriers.

  2. This is a great blog. I'm glad you are continuing to cover airlines that don't always get coverage in English!

    1. Thank you for dropping by. Doing all of this work in my spare time, which is becoming scarce, I have needed to make a priority list. I enjoy covering non-ANA/JAL airlines more, and news of ANA/JAL tend to receive English coverage anyway, so I have decided to shift over to mostly LCCs and non-ANA/JAL carriers.