Monday, March 31, 2014

ANA Jumbo bids farewell to Fukuoka and Sapporo.

Yesterday on March 30th, All Nippon Airways (NH/ANA) flew its last remaining 'Jumbo Jet', Boeing 747-481/D JA8961, to Fukuoka (FUK/RJFF) and Sapporo/New Chitose (CTS/RJCC) one last time. (ANA loads final Boeing 747 revenue flights.)
Boeing 747-481/D JA8961 seen off by ANA staff at Fukuoka. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Flight NH243 departed from Tokyo/Haneda's (HND/RJTT) Gate 66 at 0847 with 540 passengers and 15 crew (2 cockpit crew and 13 flight attendants) on board. The aircraft arrived at Fukuoka at 1036, greeted by dozens of ANA staff on the apron with the huge 'Thanks Jumbo!' banner and artificial sunflowers. The return flight, NH250, departed Fukuoka at 1153, 43 minutes behind schedule, with 564 passengers and 15 crew and arrived back at Haneda at 1352, roughly a hour late.
Carrying the 'Thanks Jumbo!' banner, staff who worked with the aircraft for years, or some even decades, couldn't help crying. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

After arrival from Fukuoka, JA8961 prepared for NH069, service to New Chitose. Carrying 538 passengers and 15 crew, it departed at 1535, 35 minutes behind schedule, and arrived at Hokkaido's capital at 1703. The airport greeted the final visit with a traditional water-cannon salute, and a Boeing 747 photo gallery was also held inside the terminal. NH074, the return leg to Haneda, departed Sapporo at 1820 with 557 passengers and 15 crew, and arrived back in Tokyo at 2000.
ANA staff at New Chitose bids farewell to JA8961 for the last time. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Thousands of aviation fans gathered at both airports to see off the 'Queen of the Skies', along with a number of ANA staff, some of who couldn't hold on to their tears. Today, ANA will operate the B747's final revenue flights, a round-trip to Okinawa/Naha (OKA/ROAH). Stay tuned.

Source: Aviation Wire, March 30th. (in Japanese)
Source: Aviation Wire, March 30th. (in Japanese)

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