Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jetstar Japan starts Nagoya and Kansai to Manila.

Jetstar Japan [GK/JJP] commenced Nagoya/Chubu Centrair [NGO/RJGG] – Manila/Ninoy Aquino [MNL/RPLL] on April 1st, followed by Osaka/Kansai [KIX/RJBB] – Manila on April 7th (Jetstar Japan reveals Manila, downsizes Kumamoto.). Japan's now largest LCC had only added the Filipino capital on March 15th with service from Tokyo/Narita [NRT/RJAA] (Jetstar Japan launches Narita – Manila.). All flights are operated by 180-seat Airbus A320-200s.

Airbus A320-232(SL) JA12JJ prepares for another flight at Narita. Jetstar Japan has capped its fleet at 20 since December 2014 and growth has been achieved by increasing aircraft utilization. (Photo: Ryosuke Yano)

Chubu Centrair – Manila started with four weekly flights, which increases to seven weekly during peak travel periods. Kansai – Manila launched with up to four times weekly, however, sister Jetstar Asia Airways [3K/JSA] already operates three times weekly on the Kansai – Manila route, and together the Jetstar Group will offer up to seven-times-weekly service. Along with Jetstar Airways [JQ/JST], the three carriers had received antitrust immunity from Japanese authorities to coordinate schedules and prices on routes between Japan and Taiwan and the Philippines last October.

The inaugural flight from Chubu Centrair on April 1st departed at 2047 JST, 17 minutes behind schedule, with a load of 179 passengers, including five children. A320-232(SL) JA11JJ was assigned. Meanwhile, the first revenue flight from Kansai on April 7th departed at 2048 JST, 18 minutes behind schedule, carrying 169 passengers. It was operated by A320-232 JA04JJ.

Flight Schedule:
Chubu Centrair – Manila/Ninoy Aquino NEW up to daily with A320-200.
GK095 NGO 2030 – 2335 MNL 32A/320 Fr/Sa/Su *Apr/1-3.
GK095 NGO 2030 – 2335 MNL 32A/320 Mo/Fr/Sa/Su *Apr/4-28, May/9-31.
GK095 NGO 2030 – 2335 MNL 32A/320 Daily *Apr/29-May/8, Jun/1-30.
GK094 MNL 0105 – 0555 NGO 32A/320 Mo/Sa/Su *Apr/2-4.
GK094 MNL 0105 – 0555 NGO 32A/320 Mo/Fr/Sa/Su *Apr/5-29, May/10-Jun/1.
GK094 MNL 0105 – 0555 NGO 32A/320 Daily *Apr/30-May/9, Jun/2-Jul/1.

Kansai – Manila/Ninoy Aquino NEW up to 4 weekly with A320-200.
GK081 KIX 2030 – 2335 MNL 32A/320 Tu/We/Th/Fr *Apr/7-28, Jun/1-30.
GK081 KIX 2030 – 2335 MNL 32A/320 Tu/Th *Apr/29-May/31.
GK080 MNL 0035 – 0530 KIX 32A/320 We/Th/Fr/Sa *Apr/8-29, Jun/2-Jul/1.
GK080 MNL 0035 – 0530 KIX 32A/320 We/Fr *Apr/30-Jun/1.

"Manila is an important city as we expand internationally," said Chairman Masaru Kataoka at Chubu Centrair on the inaugural day, adding "The Chubu (Greater Nagoya) region's Filipino population is big, and there is significant demand for VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) travel, something we LCCs are good at catering to and expanding." Mr. Kataoka also said "It may not be common to see airlines launching a destination with three routes at the same time, but that would enable us to leverage synergies and we have a single strategy for the three routes altogether."

Manila becomes Jetstar Japan's second overseas destination from Chubu Centrair after Taipei/Taoyuan [TPE/RCTP] (Jetstar Japan adds Nagoya and Kansai to Taipei.), and the third from Kansai after Hong Kong [HKG/VHHH] (Jetstar Japan goes international with Kansai – Hong Kong.) and Taipei. Chubu Centrair – Manila sees Cebu Air [5J/CEB] (d.b.a. Cebu Pacific Air) flying four times weekly and Philippine Airlines [PR/PAL] daily, while Kansai – Manila has Cebu Pacific operating five times weekly, Jetstar Asia three times weekly, and Philippine Airlines daily. Zest Airways [Z2/EZD] (d.b.a. Philippines AirAsia) is preparing to enter the Philippines – Japan market during the second half of this year.

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