Monday, January 27, 2014

Skymark announces Yonago and Sendai expansion.

Skymark Airlines (BC/SKY) has released the timetable for their four new routes which are being launched on April 1st. Their Sendai (SDJ/RJSS) and Yonago (YGJ/RJOH) focus cities will see expansion.
Skymark's Boeing 737-8FZ(WL) JA737U at Sendai. (Photo: Ryosuke Yano)

Kobe (UKB/RJBE) - Sendai new 2 daily with 73H/738.
BC152 UKB 0925 - 1050 SDJ 73H/738 Daily
BC156 UKB 1745 - 1910 SDJ 73H/738 Daily
BC153 SDJ 1130 - 1300 UKB 73H/738 Daily
BC157 SDJ 1950 - 2120 UKB 73H/738 Daily

Yonago - Okinawa/Naha (OKA/ROAH) new 1 daily with 73H/738.
BC251 YGJ 0835 - 1040 OKA 73H/738 Daily
BC252 OKA 1225 - 1425 YGJ 73H/738 Daily

Yonago - Sapporo/New Chitose (CTS/RJCC) new 1 daily with 73H/738.
BC277 YGJ 1735 - 1930 CTS 73H/738 Daily
BC278 CTS 1910 - 2110 YGJ 73H/738 Daily

Yonago - Tokyo/Haneda (HND/RJTT) new 2 daily with 73H/738.
BC220 YGJ 0720 - 0845 HND 73H/738 Daily
BC224 YGJ 1500 - 1625 HND 73H/738 Daily
BC221 HND 0640 - 0800 YGJ 73H/738 Daily
BC225 HND 1535 - 1655 YGJ 73H/738 Daily

Skymark is quickly building up its Yonago focus city, after only starting operations at this airport in Tottori prefecture on December 20th, 2013, when they launched non-stop service to Kobe and Tokyo/Narita (NRT/RJAA). One of the Kobe flights extends to Ibaraki (IBR/RJAH). Skymark already connects Sendai with Fukuoka (FUK/RJFF) and New Chitose.
Source: Skymark Airlines (PDF; in Japanese)

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