Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JAL's first Sky Next 777 enters service.

On May 28th, Japan Airlines' (JL/JAL) first of their 'JAL Sky Next'-refurbished aircraft (JAL Sky Next new domestic product unveiled.) entered service. Boeing 777-289 JA007D became the first to receive the revamp, boasting all-new leather seats, LED mood lighting, and in-flight Wi-Fi (available from July), and entered service on the Tokyo/Haneda (HND/RJTT) – Fukuoka (FUK/RJFF) route today with flight JL303.
Boeing 777-289 JA007D boasts 'JAL Sky Next' titles. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Both economy and Class J, JAL's domestic business class (but more akin to premium economy), received all-new leather seats, which until now had only been used for their First Class seats. Seat pitch will remain the same at 38 inches (96.5 centimeters) for Class J and 31 inches (78.7 centimeters) for economy, however, a slim-style seat for economy will increase legroom by five centimeters. Legroom for Class J is 18 centimeters bigger than economy.
New leather Class J seats on the Boeing 777 with 787-style mood lighting. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

The new Class J seats are manufactured by KI Holdings (formerly Koito Industries) and TIMCO, while the economy seats are produced by Zodiac Aerospace (formerly SICMA Aero Seat). First Class seats being fitted on the domestic 767-300/300ERs for the first time will be made by Tenryu Aero Component, based in Gifu Prefecture in Japan.
All-new leather slim-style economy seats on the Boeing 777. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Carpets of the interiors were also renewed. LED lighting has been changed to 787-style mood lighting, with colors to be changed depending on the time of the day, season, and the 'natural rhythm of time'. In-flight Wi-Fi will be offered from July onwards, with U.S.A.-based Gogo to provide the network.

JA007D will be dedicated to three round-trips between Haneda and Fukuoka until June 30th (JAL to launch Sky Next product on May 28th.), when the service is expanded to other trunk routes as well. Aircraft to receive the new treatment will number 77, including seven 777-300s, nine 777-200s, 20 767-300/300ERs, and 41 737-800s. Work on the 777-300s will begin in August, 767s in September, and 737-800s in October.

Source: Aviation Wire, May 27th. (in Japanese)
Source: Aviation Wire, May 28th. (in Japanese)

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