Saturday, May 10, 2014

JAL introduces CargoComposites LD-3 containers.

On May 7th, Japan Airlines (JL/JAL) placed 480 new light LD-3 containers produced by CargoComposites, a division of Advanced Composite Structures, into service. Compared to previous models, it offers a 40% weight saving.
JAL's new CargoComposites LD-3 container. (Photo: JAL)

A Boeing 777-300ER carries up to 44 LD-3 containers, so it equates to a 1,804-kilogram reduction and about a 800-liter saving in fuel consumption for a one-way Tokyo/Narita (NRT/RJAA) – New York/John F. Kennedy (JFK/KJFK) service. JAL's previous containers were manufactured by Nordisk Aviation, an AAR brand, and were made from aluminum and weighed 99 kilograms. The new models are made from synthetic resin and incorporate a honeycomb structure, resulting in only 58 kilograms while also increasing durability.

Source: Japan Airlines, May 7th. (in Japanese)

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