Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vanilla Air Airbus A320 grounding forces cancellations.

Vanilla Air's (JW/VNL) Airbus A320-216(SL) JA01VA was grounded on January 29th after completing flight JW902, the return leg of the inaugural Tokyo/Narita (NRT/RJAA) - Sapporo/New Chitose (CTS/RJCC) route.

Around 1100 local time, the hydraulic system indicated malfunctions, but the flight landed safely with the back-up system working properly. The airline later learned that a component needs to be replaced, but it needs to be shipped in from overseas. Four flights (two round-trips) were canceled on January 29th, and six flights (three round-trips) have been canceled every day since January 30th. Vanilla Air is offering passengers re-booking on its own other flights, or a full refund.

Being a new start-up LCC, Vanilla Air only had three aircraft running a tight schedule, so this is certainly a blow also when considering it happened on the return leg of an inaugural route.

Source: Aviation Wire (in Japanese)


  1. Hi. Is this air plane always delay and new? This airline seem not many people using it. Please advice is this plane secure and exist in Narita Airport. Thank you.

  2. Hi. Thanks for leaving a message. Vanilla Air is trying hard to fill its seats, but they're getting better. As with most other LCCs, they run on a tight schedule, and with a small fleet they don't have much room for aircraft groundings. Using congested Narita is also one of the factors delays are frequent. Both of Tokyo's airports are too busy.