Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Skymark to introduce the Airbus A330 on April 18th.

Skymark Airlines (BC/SKY) has announced that their new all-premium Airbus A330 will enter service on April 18th. Initial operations will see the type shuttling on the lucrative but highly-competitive Tokyo/Haneda (HND/RJTT) - Fukuoka (FUK/RJFF) route five times a day. The European wide-body will gradually be expanded to Okinawa/Naha (OKA/ROAH) around October, and to Sapporo/New Chitose (CTS/RJCC) by April next year.
'Green Seats' and short-skirt flight attendants on Skymark's Airbus A330. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Haneda - Fukuoka from 11 to 10 daily; 5 to be operated by new 333. *April 18 - May 31.
BC003 HND 0740 0935 FUK 333 Daily
BC007 HND 0920 1110 FUK 73H/738 Daily
BC009 HND 1115 1305 FUK 333 Daily
BC013 HND 1235 1430 FUK 333 Daily
BC015 HND 1345 1540 FUK 73H/738 Daily
BC017 HND 1505 1700 FUK 73H/738 Daily
BC019 HND 1605 1800 FUK 333 Daily
BC021 HND 1725 1915 FUK 333 Daily
BC025 HND 1835 2030 FUK 73H/738 Daily
BC027 HND 2000 2155 FUK 73H/738 Daily
BC004 FUK 0900 1035 HND 73H/738 Daily
BC008 FUK 1015 1150 HND 333 Daily
BC010 FUK 1150 1325 HND 73H/738 Daily
BC012 FUK 1345 1520 HND 333 Daily
BC016 FUK 1510 1645 HND 333 Daily
BC018 FUK 1620 1755 HND 73H/738 Daily
BC020 FUK 1740 1915 HND 73H/738 Daily
BC022 FUK 1845 2020 HND 333 Daily
BC024 FUK 1955 2130 HND 333 Daily
BC026 FUK 2110 2245 HND 73H/738 Daily 

Skymark is now expected to take delivery of their first example, A330-343E JA330A, on March 1st, shortly to be followed by their second. Six are to be delivered by year's end and the remainder will arrive by September 2015. The new A330s are configured with 271 'Green Seats' with a 96.5-centimeter (38 inches) seat pitch at seven abreast (2+3+2), which are akin to Japan Airlines' (JL/JAL) Class J domestic business class product. To attract attention, the eight flight attendants on board the A330s will wear one-piece short-skirt uniforms for the first six months on each new route. 

Source: Skymark Airlines (PDF; in Japanese) 

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