Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amakusa Airlines announces code-share with JAL.

On February 3rd, Amakusa Airlines [AHX] announced that they would launch code-sharing with Japan Airlines [JL/JAL] on April 1st. Under the scheme, JAL will place its code on the regional community airline's entire network and all flights, which includes three times daily Amakusa [AXJ/RJDA] – Fukuoka [FUK/RJFF] and a daily Amakusa – Kumamoto [KMJ/RJFT] – Osaka/Itami [ITM/RJOO] routing.

Bombardier DHC-8-103 JA81MX, its entire fleet, wears a unique dolphin livery. (Photo: Aviation Wire)

Amakusa Airlines will take delivery of a brand-new ATR42-600 in January 2016 (Amakusa Airlines chooses ATR42-600.) to replace the current sole Bombardier DHC-8-103 JA81MX, which will be coming up for a 300-million JPY C check later in FY2015. The company concluded that that amount plus subsequent maintenance costs of the 14-year-old turboprop would outweigh the expenses of replacing it with a newer model.

However, while the current aircraft seats 39, the successor seats 48, and with the niche carrier having difficulties filling seats on the Dash 8 during off-peak months, it apparently turned to JAL to help with loads. The commuter airline of the Amakusa Islands outsources ground handling to JAL at all airports except for its home base at Amakusa, so the selection is obvious.

Amakusa Airlines is owned 53.31% by Kumamoto Prefecture, 22.92% by the City of Amakusa, 2.73% by the City of Kamiamakusa, 1.2% by Reihoku Town, among others, and operates a single DHC-8.

Source: Amakusa Airlines, February 3rd. (in Japanese)

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