Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hokkaido Air System to fly Happy Air Connection.

Hokkaido Air System [HC/NTH] will operate one of their aircraft, Saab SF340B-WT JA01HC, in a Happy Air Connection special livery as part of a Kushiro City-led campaign to promote the local carrier's Sapporo/Okadama [OKD/RJCO] – Kushiro [KUH/RJCK] service. It will start flying on December 16th and ply the northern skies until the end of March next year.

An image of Saab SF340-WT JA01HC Happy Air Connection. (Image: Hokkaido Air System)

The intra-Hokkaido route is one of a handful Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) selected for the Rural Air Services Revitalization Program. 36 million JPY worth of grants will be used to offer discounted airport bus tickets as well as publish a free travel magazine to promote the sightseeing spots and restaurants of Kushiro. The special scheme with the message "Go! Go! Kushiro" will also be worn by an airport bus.

During the period, passengers traveling on the route will receive a coupon that could be used to reduce the airport bus fee between Kushiro Airport and the city from 500 JPY to 440 JPY, as well as give a free bus ticket for travel between Okadama Airport and the nearest subway station in Sapporo. A 2,000 JPY discount will also be offered to those using rental cars from Kushiro Airport.

Source: Hokkaido Air System, December 1st. (PDF; in Japanese)
Source: Hokkaido Shimbun, December 3rd. (in Japanese)

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